Tuesday, July 24, 2012

polka dot pop [first outfit]

Here's to my first post! yay!

[ Jacket: Hollister ]{Top: Kohls}[Pants: Kohls]
{Necklace: Forever 21}[Shoes: Zara]

Okay, this outfit hit multiple birds with one stone. 
1. It's almost all Lauren Conrad things.
2. There are polka dots...
3. and colored denim. 
It's like a dream. 

I absolutely love Lauren Conrads and her line at Kohls. I went last night and bought the polka dot top above, polka dot shorts, and a polka dot blazer. I may have gone a litte overboard with the polka dots. 
Anyways, this is such a fun little casual look. It's a pop of color you can where almost anywhere! You can also tone it down with some flats or a more simple necklace! 

Well, not sure how to end this. So, bye!